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Birthday Party Services in Chennai:-

On your birthday, When you received the usual well-wishes of "Happy Birthday" and "Many many happy returns of the day" from your friends, but you couldn't help but wonder how I could make the day even happier for everyone, and how you could return the favour. That's when you could realize that, the key to everyone's heart and happiness is through their stomachs!

birthday party

Turn to the best birthday party catering services in Chennai to express you gratitude to your friends for attending my birthday party and making it a memorable one. And let's be honest, who doesn't love tasty food? The catering services offers a range of food packages that cater to all tastes and preferences, from morning to night, including snacks, buffet-style lunches and dinners, special drinks, and even stall foods, juices, breakfasts, North Indian cuisine, and Chinese cuisine.

Decorate your birthday party table with food which will make them feel special as well and create great memories:

Sheriff Catering Service has three packages for lunch and dinner, namely veg, non-veg, and special drinks. Each package includes a variety of food items specially designed for food lovers like you. Additionally, the catering service offers four dinner packages with four extra desserts included in each package. All the food is prepared with great love, care, and hygiene, making it a delightful experience for everyone. Let's take a closer look at the menu and food packages offered by the best industrial catering service in Chennai.

Dinner Packages:

They avail four dinner packages with extra four desserts in each package included. They offer a wide variety of food in all these packages that is cooked with hygiene, great efforts and overall great love. The packages are as follows:

  • Moderate dinner
  • Super dinner
  • Great dinner
  • Executive dinner


  • Moderate breakfast
  • Super breakfast
  • Great breakfast
  • Executive breakfast


  • Moderate lunch package
  • Great lunch package

Evening Snacks:

  • Best snacks
  • Super snacks
  • Great snacks

Stall Food:

The stall food has different ten kinds of stalls that are:

  • Puttu Corner
  • Kids Stall
  • Fresh juice stall
  • Mehandi stall
  • Pani Puri Stall
  • Hot beverage stall
  • Arathi plate stall
  • Dining decoration
  • Seer Batchanam
  • Dessert stall


The sweets that Chennai Catering offers are one of the best sweets to try as they all are segregated and made from different nourished material. They are:

  • Besan items
  • Badam items
  • Halwa items
  • Kaju items
  • Maida items
  • Khowa items
  • Milk items

North Indian Food:

The North Indian Food items also include a variety. Let’s see the main types of items:

  • Roti items
  • Side dishes
  • Chat items
  • Cutlet items
  • Chips items
  • Welcome dishes

Are Dedicated to Make every celebration and special occasion at your home a memorable one.

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